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#1 Time Management HACK To Get More Done

In this post, I’ll be sharing my #1 time management strategy that allows me to get more done every single day!

Since I started doing this one thing about a year ago, I’ve made significant advances in my business and in my personal happiness and overall wellbeing. It’s something you’ve probably heard about before in some variation. It’s nothing revolutionary, but still, despite knowing about this strategy, very few people actually do it and reap the benefits.

So, I encourage you to read this whole blog and take action at the end.

What I’ve done is scheduled two hours on my work calendar and labeled it ‘Rock Block’. This time is then reserved for my rocks – my most important things. This is time for me to work on my business rather than in my business. This time might be spent creating content, planning marketing strategies, building systems, or improving company processes – things that benefit the most from my focused attention.

As things that come up that need this type of focus, I schedule them into my rock blocks. On any given day, I usually only have one to three more days planned out with a specific thing, but beyond that, every day has a two-hour rock block schedule.

One key part of making this work is that by at least the day before, I know exactly what I’m going to be working on during my rock block the next day. I can open up the windows I need on my computer to be able to work on that one thing and close everything else. This eliminates any distractions and I can just get right to work on my rock for the day.

For me, mornings are the most productive time. Two hours of the most productive work in the morning and I feel like I’ve done enough to call the whole day a success.

I know other people who work best in the afternoon or the evening. The time of day isn’t what is important here. What is important is to schedule the time specifically to work on your rocks. Then, everything else you need to do naturally just gets done during the rest of the day. If it doesn’t get done, then it probably wasn’t that important to begin with.

Like I said, you’ve likely heard about this strategy before. I’d heard about time-blocking for several years before I finally made the commitment to actually do it.

I challenge you right now to schedule two hours on your calendar every day to work on your rocks! If you don’t think you can fit in two hours, then just schedule one hour or even 30 minutes. Once you start doing this and see the benefits, trust me, you’ll make more time for your rock blocks. There are some days now that I schedule three or four hours to work on my rocks, but the minimum is always two hours and I always get a whole heck of a lot done in that time.