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A Google Ads Optimization Strategy Most People Overlook

Today, I’m going to be doing what I did in the last post. I’m going to be sharing a lesson with you from my Elite Local Ads program. But don’t get too used to this! This is the last lesson I’m going to be sharing from the course.

The other lesson I shared was very basic. In fact, it is the very first lesson of the whole course.

We’re going to cover some information from the optimization module now, which is just one very small part of the course. But, it is something most people overlook or, even if they know that they should be doing this, they’re not doing it regularly.

I wanted to throw this in the podcast so that, for one, you can check out a little bit more of the course in case you’re interested and, for another, just to give you this information. Of course, I can’t release all of the lessons from Elite Local Ads on this podcast but here’s a little bit more. I hope that you find this lesson on how to scrutinize high impression keywords valuable.

One thing that’s important to do when looking at your campaign is to really look at your keywords that are getting the highest number of impressions. Scrutinize them and pay really close attention to them because, sometimes, if keywords are getting too many impressions, that can be a problem. It can be a sign that there are some issues with the campaign.

So, this is the second main point – the optimization checklist. I’ll show you what to look at now so go to the keywords section and sort by ‘Impressions’ – high to low. Now, if it’s an exact match keyword, you can see the top keyword. If I search ‘photo booth’, it’s an exact match keyword. It does have high impressions, but I know that all those impressions are for photo booth (the exact keyword or very close to it), so I don’t need to pay much attention to that as long as that’s a good keyword that I want to keep targeting.

What I really need to pay attention to is any phrase match or broad match keywords. I selected photo booth as a phrase match keyword and party photo booth is a broad match keyword. I checked those and now I’m going to click this ‘search terms’ option. Then, it is going to show me the search terms just for the keywords I’ve selected.

Now, I’m looking at a bunch of search terms and a lot of them aren’t really search terms I want to keep paying for, so I’d have some work to do adding negative keywords.

This is just another layer of protection. You want to make sure that if some of your keywords are getting a lot of impressions, they are good search terms. If you’re repeatedly getting just lousy search terms coming in for a keyword and you’re adding all the negative keywords you can and you’re still getting nothing but bad search terms, it might be time to just turn that keyword off.

If you are getting good traffic from the keyword, you don’t want to turn it off too early. Again, you’re paying attention to the keywords with the highest impressions. When I’ve done this, it only shows me these keywords.

When you go back to your search term later, it might be showing you this filter again. If you ever need to remove a filter, just click this reset button and it’ll take that filter away.

A couple of things to do when looking at these high-impression keywords is to add negative keywords, if necessary. I was just talking about ad group negative keywords, so if you’re seeing a search term for a keyword and that search term should really be showing up in a different ad group, maybe you would just add that negative keyword to an ad group rather than adding it to your entire campaign. That would force the search term to show up in a different ad group, hopefully, the one that you want it to show up in. Then, add exact match keywords, so when you’re looking at a keyword with lots of impressions, they’re actually good search terms in there and they’re getting a decent amount of volume.

You should be adding those as exact match keywords that would cause the traffic to be shown for the exact match keyword. It would stop being shown for the other keyword, which would then bring the impressions for that other keyword down. So, add negative keywords and add exact match keywords and you should see the impressions fall for some of these higher impression keywords. As you’re doing this, the performance is naturally going to prove. It’s a very important thing to do in your campaigns regularly.

Obviously, in the actual course, I’m showing slides and sharing my screen, so hopefully it easy enough to follow and understand in blog format! If you want to check out the entire Elite Local Ads program, you can take a look at what’s all included here.