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Best Ways To Send Leads To Clients

Today’s question comes from Diamantis and he’s asking:

What are some ways to generate clients for doctors with Google Ads so you deliver to him a list of communication details that every client submits from your ad every day? 

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I am assuming that Diamantis is already running campaigns that are generating leads. It sounds like this is a question about how to actually send leads to clients. 

I’m going to answer this question with what I think is being asked here, which is basically, “what’s the best way to submit leads to clients?”

Given the situation that your campaigns are generating leads, how do you send those leads to your clients?

So a lead comes in, let’s say that they submitted a contact form on your page. When is the best time to actually contact that lead? Well, in my extremely biased opinion, the best time to contact that lead is: immediately, like within 10 seconds.

That lead gets colder. The longer it sits there, the colder it’s going to get. The sooner, the better

I don’t think you should simply store these leads somewhere and then send them to the client each day. There needs to be a way for your client to get those leads as soon as they come in, like immediately

One option is to make sure an email goes to the client right away.

Most businesses are constantly checking their email. So that is often the fastest way to get a lead to a client and works pretty well. 

There is also an option like CallRail (a call tracking and form tracking software).

You can set it up so that if a lead comes in through a form, the client would actually be notified right away on their phone. That’s even faster than email. The main point is, you want them to get these leads immediately. 

You could still send them a list each day or each week. Or you could still have them go to a Google spreadsheet somewhere. There are different ways to do that. But getting them to the client immediately is key

Also, you should make sure that, especially for doctors, you don’t just want to have the option for customers to fill out a form.

They should have the option to call the doctor right away. You’re going to get a lot more leads that way, versus simply allowing them to enter their information on a form. And those are often going to be the best leads. 

Yeah, really good leads can come through form submissions. But if someone’s ready to call you right away, you must have them right there. Give the option for people to call the doctor right away.  That should be going through a tracking number so that you know which calls are going to the doctor. You know, in this industry, various types of doctors, there are privacy laws to be aware of. So make sure you check with the doctor or with an attorney about that kind of stuff before setting up call tracking. 

Some clients are getting so many leads that it doesn’t really make sense to send them an email every time a lead comes in.

If that’s the case for a particular client, chances are they have some kind of CRM (Customer relationship management) system in place. And they’re using that system to handle all their leads. So if that’s the case, if the client already has a CRM in place, you need to integrate with that system.

Whatever you need to do, to integrate with their existing system to make sure the leads are going directly into that. system, you need to do it, okay? Especially because the clients that have a CRM system, they’re usually going to be bigger clients. They want to know that you know what you’re doing. And if they have a CRM system, they’re not going to want to deal with a bunch of emails coming to them. They’re going to want the leads to go right into that system. 

So figure it out, or if you need, get the help of a developer to set up something like that, so you can be sure those leads are going into their CRM. 

What’s the bottom line?

The key is just making sure they (the client or business that you’re running ads for) get these leads right away. Businesses need to contact the lead as soon as possible. If we wait too long, the lead may fizzle out and may find a different solution, and they’re no longer going to become a customer.