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YouTube Ads Call To Action Examples for Better Results

This blog is going to cover the call to action element. You already know what a call to action is. This is where you’re asking or telling the viewer to take some sort of action. Let’s look at some examples!

*I don’t necessarily support or endorse any of these ad examples. I am just using them because I think they make great examples.

Example #1

This example has a call to action that is actually pretty unique for a YouTube ad.

“Go ahead and click the link that best describes you and I’ll see you on the next YouTube video. Fairly new? In a guitar rut and playing the same thing time and time again?”

He’s using the YouTube end screen video link feature there as a way to segment the audience. If you’re a beginner, he wants you to go to one video. If you have some experience but you’re stuck in a rut, he wants you to go to another video. Once you go to one of the two videos, then he’s going to speak directly to you depending on where you’re at and then there will be another call to action for his free training.

Example #2

Here’s another example that uses VSL text on the screen that uses a narrator.

“And all you have to do is click the link and go watch the video right now before the curiosity drives you mad. Before you find yourself in bed tonight wondering what you missed because I can only help you if you decide to help yourself by clicking on the link and watching this special video right now.”

As the viewer, we are reading the ad and we are hearing it. This isn’t necessarily the best way to put out a YouTube ad, but it works because the copy in this ad is so good. Even up until the end where he is telling you to click, he is pushing pain points. Usually, you want someone in the ad, like the expert or whoever is hosting the training, but nonetheless, this is a good ad.

Example #3

In this example, we do see the expert on-screen in the video.

“To claim your free spot, all you have to do is click the link here. When you land on the page, put your name and email and I’ll send you an email with a private meeting link. Can’t wait to share with you exactly who you must become and how you can actually transform yourself into the person you want to become. You can absolutely enjoy it. See you very soon. Click the link here. When you land on the page, put your name and email. I look forward to seeing you on the live class very soon.”

What he does there is great! He shows people exactly where to click on the ad, he tells them what to do next, and then he tells them what’s going to happen after they do that. He’s setting up the whole process. He’s making it very obvious what needs to be done.

Example #4

In this example, after the person is done speaking, the ad doesn’t quit quite so abruptly.

“Secure your spot now by clicking on the link somewhere around this video and I’ll see you in the masterclass.”

After he was done speaking, a graphic came on the screen. Some text said, “Register Now”. This gives the viewer a little more time to take action.

Example #5

This example also gives the viewer a lot more time to take action.

“Just click through and check it out before we take it down. We don’t want too many people finding out about this or before you know it, everyone and their mom is going to become an online sign spinner. People could get hurt! Okay, I will see you inside.”

The text at the end of the ad actually stays on the screen for about 25 seconds. You can see that this gives the viewer ample opportunity to take action. He also showed a screenshot of the landing page. This is a great way to show people what to expect and to provide continuity from the ad to the landing page so that they will be more comfortable and more likely to fill in their information.

Example #6

This example has some end screen text.

“So you can do that by clicking the link below. Take the quiz – it takes about 30 seconds – and then I’ll send you your free tailor-made video. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and I’ll see you on the other side!”

First, he told us to click the link below. Then some text came on the screen with a bouncing arrow telling us and showing us where to click the link. Then, they showed some b-roll for a little bit. Next, there was a countdown timer, but the countdown timer wasn’t the end of it. After the timer was done counting down, we still had about 10 seconds where there was nothing on the screen other than the text that said to click the link below.

Example #7

This example shows someone actually, physically clicking the mouse.

“I’m going to show you everything that I’ve learned on my journey from $0 to $30 million a year over the past six years of business.”

The graphic that says “Click” stays up at the end of the ad for about 20 seconds. Notice that he didn’t speak a call to action. He was simply telling us what would be in his training. The video of the person clicking the mouse followed by the text that said “Click” took care of the call to action at the end of this ad.

Example #8

Here’s another example where the presenter didn’t tell us to click. They simply used text on the screen as the call to action.

“So let me tell you about my sleep for a second. I’m a night owl, or what I call a wolf. I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6:15 am or so.”

This ad is a little over a minute long and at about 35 seconds is where the text comes on the screen telling you to sign up for the master class. I think they had to do it this way because they weren’t really filming a YouTube ad, but they were just recycling footage they had already shot. Since they never talked about clicking on the ad, they actually had to put the text on the screen telling us to do it.

I think it was smart that they didn’t put it on right away. They didn’t want to scare people off because some people get scared that you just want them to take action right away. They let you get into the content a little bit and then as he is talking, they present the call to action inviting you to sign up for the master class.

There you have it – eight examples of the call to action element in YouTube Ads!