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“Essential AdWords” Now Available On Amazon

Hi, I’m Kyle Sulerud, the founder of AdLeg.

My first experience with AdWords, years ago, was advertising my own small business. After months of running the same ad with minimal results, I decided to beef up my campaign and see how much business AdWords could really produce. I increased my budget and added all the bells and whistles Google recommended. The next month my AdWords bill was TEN TIMES more than normal and my business had not increased AT ALL! Something was wrong, and I became obsessed with cracking the AdWords code.

I discovered that the AdWords “default” and “recommended” settings were primarily in place to benefit Google. It was easy to follow these suggestions to build a campaign, but the results were horrendous.

Through persistent study, implementation, and testing of different strategies (with my own money on the line) I was able to turn my campaign around and start profiting from AdWords.

Building on this success, I started my own AdWords management agency to help other business owners do the same. Today, AdLeg manages AdWords campaigns for a wide variety of businesses, producing impressively positive and profitable results for our clients.

I’ve outlined some of my strategies in the book Essential AdWords: The Quick and Dirty Guide (Including Tricks Google WON’T Tell You).

Find it on Amazon here. It’s available in paperback, or on Kindle.