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How to Get Coaching Clients From Google Ads

Today, I’m going to be answering the following question:

“Hey Kyle, this is Kasey Corbin and I’m just starting to do Google Ads and I don’t even really know where to start. I have enough to have run an ad for a couple of weeks, but there are so many options I just don’t know which one applies to me. I am trying to gain coaching clients, and so I am doing it by appointment, and so the response that I’m wanting from my Google Ads client acquisition. I’d love for you to be able to help. Thank you.”

Okay, great question, and the answer really applies to anything, not just coaching clients.

But let me talk about this specifically for Casey since he’s the one who called in. So, here’s how I look at it.

You say you’re offering coaching, so my first question is what, specifically, are you offering? What type of coaching? Google Ads is search-driven. So people are going to Google and they’re searching for specific things. They’re searching for answers to specific questions and they’re searching for help with specific problems.

People aren’t simply going to Google Ads and looking for a coach. If they are doing that, there are going to be so many options and they probably don’t even really know what they want. The chance of actually getting a client from someone who’s just searching for coaching is super low.

The types of clients you want are the people searching for a specific type of coaching, a specific type of solution. Let’s say you are a coach who helps realtors grow their business and you’re helping real estate agents grow their business to make more money.

Now we have something specific. You can really speak to that audience and get in front of them in a way that a general coach isn’t going to be able to.

The problem with that, and the problem inherent with a business like yours is if we get that specific, there usually aren’t a lot of people searching on Google for something that’s that specific. Now, you could go a step out and just say you’re a business coach.

But I believe even that would be too broad. Just putting yourself out there as a business coach or a life coach will be to be too broad.

If you go more specific, Google Ads will work a lot better in terms of profitability. You just won’t be able to spend much because there won’t be too many people searching for those things.

If you are a fitness coach, there will actually be a relatively high number of searches for it, so it might work relatively well.

But again, you need to really figure out who you’re talking to and exactly what they want. This goes for everything, not just coaching.

You need to figure out what it is people want that you are offering to them. Your ads and your website specifically need to solve those problems for people.

It specifically needs to say, “You search for this – great, I have the answer to that. I can help you with that specific problem. Here’s how I can help. Here are some other people I’ve helped with that. Go ahead and fill out this form and let’s jump on a call.” You need to find what people are searching for.

The more specific, the better. Maybe you do offer different types of coaching and that would mean you’d have different campaigns and different landing pages for different types of coaching. That’s fine too, you don’t have to focus on just one thing, but your campaigns you’re targeting should be focused on one thing.

Then those things that people are searching for bring them to a page specific to that problem and that’s how you would start with Google Ads. Start small, start specific, and then maybe start to grow, a little bit by a little bit if you’re trying to expand and scale.

Thanks, Kasey, for calling in with that question!