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Is Google Ads Good For _____?

Is Google Ads a worthy investment? Read on and find out if Google Ads can work for your industry.

I know what you’re thinking: everyone is doing it. But should you?

Who is Google Ads good for? Realtors? Lawyers? Does Google Ads only work for e-commerce? Is it only meant for certain products or industries? These are some of the questions I usually encounter.

The answers to these questions vary.

First off, we need to think about why Google Ads works.

Google Ads works because people are going to Google and searching for certain things. They’re looking for certain services, products, or answers to their questions.

Before we find out if Google Ads is going to be good for your business, we need to know if people are searching for it.

The simplest way to figure if Google Ads is good for you, is to find out if people are searching for what you offer.

For example, if people are searching for lawyers in your area, and you happen to be one, then that’s good news! It means Google Ads can probably work for you.

To see how many people are searching for different keywords, use the Keyword Planner.

To find the Keyword Planner: go to, search for “Keyword Planner”, and it will come up. The information you find here will tell you the monthly search volume for the keywords you’re thinking about targeting.

People use Google to search for most types of products and services.

One thing that Google Ads would not be good for is a new product or service.

If it’s something that people have not heard of yet, and has not had any exposure or publicity, people won’t be searching for it. It’s going to be next to impossible to reach anybody with Google Ads. That’s because we’re not really answering their question–in fact, the question does not even exist yet. If they’re not aware of their need, they won’t be searching for a solution.

For example, there’s a cryotherapy center where I live in North Dakota.

A cyrotheraphy center is where you can go freeze yourself with liquid nitrogen. If you searched for “cryotherapy center in North Dakota” you can find one because that place exists.

But are there a lot of people in North Dakota searching for cryotherapy? No, there are not.

It’s going to be really hard to reach many people with ads for cryotherapy in North Dakota. There aren’t many people who are aware of it, or find a need for it. There may be a trickle of people, but they are not going to be many. So Google Search Ads may not be good for that kind of business in North Dakota. It’s all about context, and how good your analysis of it is.

Heavy competition may also be a reason why Google Ads is not good for you. 

How much are you paying per click for the traffic? Certain industries cost a lot more per click than others. In some cases, you may be competing on keywords with a different industry. 

For example, a lawyer who handles accident cases might be bidding on some of the same keywords as a chiropractor who brings people back to health after an accident.

The amount of money a lawyer makes from a case like that compared to the amount of money a chiropractor could make out of a patient like that is hugely different.

If a lawyer and a chiropractor are bidding on the same keywords, the lawyer is willing to pay way more. Plus, there are probably many other lawyers bidding the price way up on the same keyword, to the point where it would be out of range for the chiropractor.

Even if people are searching for certain keywords, they may be too expensive to justify the cost for your particular business. With this in mind, it would help to focus on the keywords specific to your specialty so you can lessen competition.

Maybe you have a newer business and you’re just not prepared to compete with a more established business. A more established business may have a better sales process in place and a higher lifetime customer value. They are able to make more money per click in a way that a new business that hasn’t figured out just yet. In that case, the new business might not be able to afford to pay for the traffic compared to an established business who knows how much they can make in the long run. The established business is willing to bid a lot more for that traffic.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you have a service that people are not looking for, or competition that bids much higher for the same keywords, then Google Ads will not be good for you.

If people are searching for your business due to exposure and publicity efforts, Google ads may work for you at some level. Try it out. Just don’t bet the whole farm on it, and don’t only rely on traffic from Google Ads.

Give it a try. Even if you’re just getting a little bit of business from Google Ads, that could be a good start.

When you’re already making a little money, then you’ll be ready to invest some more into it. You’re figuring things out along the way.

Google Ads is worthwhile for a lot of businesses. There are plenty who use Google Ads, and for the most part, it is good for them. Do your own analysis, do your own testing. Be prepared to lose, but understand that if Google Ads works for you, there is a lot of upside! Use the data you have and use your keywords well and Google Ads could well work for you for many years to come.