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KLT Bridge Pages

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Let’s look at one of my secret weapons for maximizing the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns. Wait, if I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore. Ah, screw it – here we go.

Bridge pages are a specific type of landing page you can use for your retargeting ads to help you get the most value possible from running retargeting. Retargeting works great in general and it’s something you should be doing. Most people run retargeting back to their sales page or to an application page, but another way to do it is by sending your retargeting traffic to what I call a KLT bridge page. 

KLT stands for Know – Like – Trust. Let me ask you this – if you are selling a product that is absolutely going to benefit someone. For sure, if they invest in your product, they’re going to get a benefit and it’s a product they can afford with a benefit they want. Why hasn’t that person bought your product yet? Well, it’s probably one of these reasons. Either, they don’t know you that well, they don’t like you, or they don’t trust you. KLT! The higher the investment, the higher level of KLT that is required. 

If you are running retargeting ads directly to an order page or directly to an application page, these can work and you will get extra sales, but you haven’t done anything to improve your KLT factor. But, if you want to make more sales and improve the quality of your applications, then I’d recommend creating some KLT bridge pages and incorporating them into your retargeting strategy. So what is a KLT bridge page? You have your offer on one hand, either an order page or an application. On the other hand, you have an ad that could be Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Search Ads, emails, or Facebook Ads, wherever the traffic is originating. Rather than sending this traffic directly to the offer, the KLT bridge page gives you another option. This page will have content on it. It’ll include some of your best content that will get people to know you better, like you more, and help them trust you. It can be written content (article, blog post, etc.), visual (infographic, etc.), or a video. 

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Ideally, you’d have this content on your landing page, you’d have a link to your application or your sales page, and nothing else. You don’t want any extra links at the top or bottom of the page. The only purpose of this page is to get people to consume some more of this content to build the KLT factors and then take the next action. You want it to be very easy for them to do this. Give them the content and the link for the next step. 

This strategy will work even better if you have multiple KLT pages. Now, the ads leading to these pages should be specific to the content of the pages. So, if I want you to consume some of my content on a KLT bridge page, I’ll have an ad that sells that content. The ad isn’t going to sell the application, which is ultimately the goal. It is just going to sell the content of the KLT bridge page, and if you have several ads like this, you’re giving people ample opportunity to get to know you, like you, and trust you more. Maybe they’re not interested in one piece of content that you put out, but they’re really interested in something else. That’s why it’s important to have multiple KLT pages. You don’t need to overthink or spend too much time on this. 

That’s all you really need to do for an effective KLT bridge page.