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Present the Offer Element

Today’s post is about the ‘Present the Offer’ element that needs to be in your YouTube Ads. It must be in every ad if you want them to work!

This is where you are telling people what is for sale or what the free thing is they can get from you. Basically, you’re telling people what the next step is that you want them to take.

Different steps of your marketing are going to have different offers. If you’re selling a high-ticket coaching program, the YouTube ad isn’t going to offer the high-ticket coaching program. It will likely offer a free training. In the free training, you may not offer the high-ticket coaching program. Instead, you may offer a strategy call of some sort. Then, once people are on the strategy call, that is when you might make the offer for the high-ticket coaching program.

The offer isn’t always the thing you are selling. Instead, it’s the thing you want people to do at that stage in your marketing.

*I don’t necessarily support or endorse all of the examples we are looking at today.

Example #1

“That’s why my friend, Jessie, and I created a step-by-step program to teach you exactly how to do it. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned on our journey and created this program to teach you how to do the same. For the next few days, we’re giving this away for FREE.”

The offer there is pretty straightforward. It’s for a free training.

Example #2

“Right now, I’m holding a free training that shows you how to focus. It shows you how to develop laser-like focus and get crystal-clear on what it actually is that you want to do with your life and then actually get it. So, in this free training, which you can get if you click the button on the screen right now…”

There, he clearly talks about the free training. He talks about what people are going to learn during the training and he tells you what to do in order to get the training.

Example #3

“So I recorded a little video, it’s actually on my website. You can click here on this video and it will take you to my website where I share three things that they taught me. Three things that you can implement today, no matter where you are.”

The offer there is super low investment. He’s just inviting you to go watch a little video on his website. He’s not selling you anything. He’s just telling you a little about the video and telling you to go watch.

Another thing to note is that this ad was about four minutes long. He presented the offer just a little over a minute into that. That’s a very good idea if you have an ad that’s more than a few minutes long. Don’t just present the offer near the end of the ad. You can also present the offer earlier, talk about some more stuff, and then present the offer again later.

Example #4

“This skill can be used with this course all for the price of lunch. The course begins with the basics. I take you through everything you need to know to start building websites like an expert.”

This offer is actually for a course, not a $1,000 or a $3,000 course, just a low-ticket course. A good chunk of the ad is just talking about the course. You may have noticed on the screen it said, “Limited time. 80% off sale.” That’s basically the offer here. The offer is for you to go buy this course and get 80% off for a limited time.

Example #5

“Now, for the first time ever, I am sharing the secret to my success with everyone for free in a brand new book called ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’. I’m not going to do this forever, but right now, it is 100% free. No catch, no shipping cost, no credit card required. I will send it right to your email and you can download it instantly.”

Another straightforward offer for an e-book. He makes it look a little more valuable by showing a picture of an actual book. Since it is an e-book, there is also no shipping cost.

There you have it! Lots of great examples on how to present your offer in your YouTube Ads.