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Salesmen And Tire Kickers

Salesmen get a bad rap.

For some common folk, the mere mention of the word “salesman” conjures up an image of slick used car salesman (in a hideous suit) who would sell a lemon to his grandma to make a quick buck.

Guess what, business owner…you ARE a salesperson.

Like it or not, sales are the oxygen of business, and if you’re not making sales you are suffocating.

But hear ye this: you don’t need to grease up your hair and wear a blue leisure suit for your business to breathe.

Oh, goodness no.

Effective marketing makes selling easy. Sometimes effortless, in fact.

There’s a quote somewhere about how marketing can make selling unnecessary (I think this was from good ol’ Peter Drucker, but I’m not gonna Google it right now).

Part of being an effective marketer is knowing who to market to.

You surely don’t want to fill your used car lot with folks who ask endless questions, never buy anything, and find it necessary to kick the tires of every car they’re scoping out.

Tire kickers.

I don’t know if that’s where the term came from, but I assume it has something to do with that. People who literally kick tires.

In the figurative sense, these tire kickers can suck the salesmanship right out of you. They drain your energy and take your time away from real buyers.

A good AdWords campaign eliminates as many tire kickers as possible.

There are numerous settings in AdWords that let you filter out the riffraff. If you’re not taking advantage of these settings, you’re wasting money (money you could be using to buy your granny – or granddaughter – a nice car).

In this video, I show you some ways to stop paying for traffic from tire kickers and focus on real buyers.

Watch it now:

This is a clip from the webinar I did a couple of months ago, where I revealed three of my secrets to generating thousands of local business leads every month using AdWords. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting some of the best clips from that webinar. Be sure to follow my Facebook page if you want to see the rest of them.