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Why Tell Your Story In Your YouTube Ads?

Telling your story in a YouTube ad is a great way to relate to the viewer. You can tell a story about something you’ve struggled with, a solution you’ve found, the kind of life you live, or even a vision for the future. Hopefully, these examples can give you some ideas of how you can tell your story in your YouTube Ads.

*I don’t necessarily support or endorse these advertisers. They just make great examples of the ‘tell your story’ element.

Example #1

“This is the book I wish would have been written and I wish I would have read when I first got started. I stumbled around for years before I got the hang of it. In this book, I actually share with you my incredible, true story of I ended up going homeless, broke, and living out of my truck in Nashville, TN. Then, through the tutelage of a mentor, I became financially free and living the life of my dreams with a waterfront mansion in Florida.”

Pretty straight-forward. He’s sharing some of his struggles, how he overcame that, and what his life looks like now.

Example #2

“With my father leaving me at the age of 2, I developed sabotaging beliefs about myself. That was what made me fear everything in life. I never took risks until my mentor shared with me this diagram, this methodology, that allowed me to free myself from myself.”

Again, he’s talking about his life struggle, the mindset he was struggling with, and how he started to overcome that.

Example #3

“Now, here’s the thing. I grew up with all of these learning challenges. I had difficulties all through school. At the age of 9, I remember a teacher looking at me thinking I wasn’t either smart enough to understand what she was saying or wasn’t paying attention. She was talking to another adult and said, “That’s the boy with the broken brain.” At 9 years old!

Ouch, talk about a struggle. As you can see, talking about a struggle can be very effective, especially if it is a struggle the viewer can relate to or if it is an even worse struggle of what someone is going through. They’ll assume that if you got past that struggle, then surely they can get past whatever smaller struggle it is that they’re dealing with.

Example #4

“My name is Jeff Lerner and I did not become a millionaire the traditional way. I didn’t work for 40 years, I didn’t invent anything, I don’t have a trust fund, and I did not win the lottery. But I did take a massive shortcut. Since then, I have made over $40 million in my online businesses.”

He’s not sharing his struggle but instead is sharing some of his success. He’s saying he had a shortcut that allowed him to achieve that success. Presumably, this is some shortcut that he is going to teach us.

Example #5

“Actually, you don’t even need to leave your house. I live in the Caribbean on an island and I do this business virtually. This allows me to spend more time with my family and more time doing the things I enjoy doing. Do you want to know how you can do it too?”

He’s telling the story of how he lives his life. He’s talking about his current status quo. If that’s not the kind of life you live but would like to, then there’s a good chance you’re going to stick around and hear what he has to say to see if he can actually teach you how to live a similar life.

Example #6

“Secondly, our goal is to build the largest e-commerce education company in Singapore and, eventually, the world because we believe that e-commerce is the most important skillset that you can learn during this crisis.”

That wasn’t even a story about anything that has happened. That was a vision – a story about the future. If you have a compelling vision for the future, maybe it is something people can get behind and could potentially work well in your YouTube Ads.