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Tinder vs AdWords

The popular dating (*cough* hook-up) app, Tinder, asks you to look at pictures of potential mates. Then, based on the photos, and maybe a brief 2-line bio, you make a potentially life-altering decision by swiping left or right.

Swipe left, and you’ll never see the person again.

Swipe right, and then IF the other person ALSO swipes right, you’ll get to message each other. This is your first opportunity to either make a fool out of yourself or impress your new love interest enough to meet them in person.

I won’t get into what happens next.

But on this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to point out how similar AdWords is to Tinder. People are swiping left and right on your AdWords ads all day.

Most people swipe left, which is good (the worst Google users are the ones who just swipe right on every ad, costing you a pretty penny).

When someone does swipe right (i.e. – they click on your ad) you now have the job of either making a fool out of yourself, or impressing them enough to want to meet you in person (or buy your stuff, or whatever).

There are a couple of lessons you can learn from Tinder, that will help you hook up with more customers.

1) You need an attractive ad that tells people “Hey, I’m what you’re looking for” and gets the HOTTEST PROSPECTS to click.

2) After they click, you need a landing page that impresses them further and makes them want to call you or order from you.

Solve those problems and you’re on your way to having a winning AdWords campaign.

Swipe right below and get my AdWords For Local Businesses system. You’ll discover ad formulas and landing page strategies that will help you turn hot prospects into hot customers.

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(You can’t actually swipe right on the link, this isn’t Tinder! You need to click it! Here’s another link that will take you to the same place, so you could also click here instead.)