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Use The AIDA Formula For Your YouTube Ads Scripts

Have you heard of the AIDA formula? It’s one of the oldest marketing formulas around! You can apply it when scripting your YouTube Ads.

AIDA dates back to the 1800s and is still talked about today because it works… Literally, I’m talking about it right now.

It’s actually mainly used to describe a series of steps that a customer goes through when making a purchase decision.

AIDA makes a great framework for an ad because you could potentially take someone through all of these steps in one ad and get them to make a purchase.


This is when someone first becomes aware of your product or message. Of course, this will come at the beginning of your ad. This is where you’ll use a hook to get the viewer’s attention.

Now that you’ve got the viewer’s attention, you need to get them interested in what you’re talking about.


There are many ways to build interest. In terms of the 12 YouTube elements I’ve shared, there are ways to get the viewers interested:

  • Reveal a Problem – Demonstrate a problem with the status quo or a problem that the viewer has and they will become interested in how to solve it.
  • Ask a Question – This is a quick and easy way to get the viewer engaged. If you ask an interesting question that is relevant to the viewer, there is a good chance they’ll keep watching your ad to hear more of what you have to say.
  • Teach Something – Help your prospect solve a problem or teach them something interesting/beneficial and they will become very interested in you and receptive to your message.
  • Share Your Results/Share Student Results – A viewer will become interested in your offer if you share someone else’s results and if the viewer wants those same results and they think that you could help them achieve these results.
  • Tell Your Story – If you have a story to tell that ties into your offer, then telling your story will help to get your prospects more engaged and will help them get more interested in what you’re offering.


This is when the prospect starts to view you and your offer favorably. They’re not taking action yet, but they’re starting to see you in a positive light. Now, if you’re doing a good job building interest, then desire is actually going to start stemming from part of the interest phase. Here are a few ad elements that will work specifically to create desire:

  • Present the Offer – Before a viewer can desire what it is you’re offering, they have to know WHAT you’re offering. Presenting the offer is a critical part of the desire step of this formula. A good place to present the offer is immediately after interest has been established.
  • Provide Benefits – Let the viewer know exactly how they will benefit from taking action. Even just one benefit could produce a really strong desire in a prospect.
  • Make a Promise – If it is a realistic promise that is beneficial to the viewer and if you’ve built up enough interest and trust, then the viewer is going to desire the result of the promise you make.
  • Overcome Objections – A prospect might kind of desire your offer but part of them has something holding them back. By overcoming objections, you can remove those roadblocks so the only thing left is desire.


You’ve gotten the viewer’s attention, you’ve gotten them interested, and you’ve built desire. Now, it’s time to drop your call to action. Tell them what the next step is and invite them to take that step.

That’s the AIDA formula! I’ve just shown you how you can apply all 12 of the YouTube elements to create YouTube Ads based on the formula.