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What I Think About Frank Kern’s “Perfect” Ad Script

Let’s take a look at a YouTube Ads script that Frank Kern recently outlined on his YouTube channel.

It looks like this:

If that’s not perfection, then I don’t know what is! But seriously, go watch Frank’s video.

I’m going to go through it much more quickly here, give you my take on it, and explain how it relates to the 12 YouTube Ads elements that I’ve previously defined on this channel.

The start of the outline is The Hook. In his video, Frank adlibs a few examples of hooks:

“Hey, if you run ads for your business, you’re going to want to watch this video because I’m going to show you why most of the stuff you’ve learned about advertising is totally wrong.”

That’s the start of the hook, but then he continues the hook with what he calls ‘seeding the benefits’.

“In this video, I’m going to be showing you the only four things that matter when it actually comes to getting customers from the internet using advertising. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with targeting, it has nothing to do with what platform you’re on, and it has really nothing to do with any of the stuff you might think that it does.”

What he has masterfully done there is used three YouTube ad hooks all rolled up into one. The “I’m Going to Show You” hook, he literally says, “I’m going to show you.” The “Bold Statement” hook by saying outright that most of what we’ve learned and most of what we think we know is wrong. And, the “Open Loop” hook by leaving us hanging and not telling us what it is we’re wrong about.

After his hook, Frank goes immediately into two elements that usually show up later in a YouTube ad – Present the Offer and Call to Action.

“In this video, let me give you the big picture, 30,000ft. view of these four core concepts. If you want to take a deeper dive, click the link somewhere near this video. You can register for an on-demand training. In that on-demand training, I take you into a much deeper dive of these four concepts.”

It works in this ad to present the offer early, particularly because he started with an “Open-Loop” hook. I still want to know what he’s talking about. I still want to know what these four concepts are and what it is that I’m wrong about when it comes to marketing. Now I have an option. I can keep watching this ad to get the big picture view OR I can click the link and go right away to watch the on-demand training where I will get a deeper explanation.

Plus, if I do keep watching the ad, I now know that I can bypass the big picture view at any time if it becomes interesting enough to me that I want to go sign up for the on-demand training.

After this initial call-to-action, Frank moves on to what he calls “Big Picture Content.” Most of the ad is going to be this. This is the “Teach Something” element. This is where Frank will give the bird’s eye view of the four concepts that he mentioned in the hook. This bird’s eye view is going to be easy to understand and genuinely helpful.

If you can spend a few minutes in your ad teaching something that benefits the viewer, then they’ll be happy to spend more time with you on your on-demand trainings that they can learn more. So, that’s the longest part of the ad. Frank Kern calls it “Big Picture Content”, but I call it the “Teach Something” element. After that is the call-to-action:

“I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you found it helpful. Again, if you want to take a deeper dive and really get these core concepts and see better examples of them, please click the button somewhere near this video and you can register for my on-demand training.”

After that, Frank’s script formula goes into the “Overcome Objections” element. If someone is still watching this ad but they haven’t clicked the link, then they might be skeptical of on-demand training in general. They’re afraid they’re going to click and then it will just be someone trying to sell them something without adding anymore value.

Frank works to overcome these objections at the end of his ad framework:

“Hey, by the way, when you register for this thing, it’s an on-demand class. You can watch it as many times as you want, you don’t have to wait. It’s not one of those fake webinars where we pretend it’s live. It also doesn’t take forever and I’m not going to tell you my life story in this thing. Furthermore, nobody is going to call you on the phone or pester you or anything like that. As a matter of fact, there is nothing for sale in the webinar. My hope is you’ll find it valuable and you’ll reach out to us and ask us about working together in a client relationship.”

By now, if this ad is still playing and the link hasn’t been clicked, then the person probably isn’t even watching the ad anymore. Their kid started crying and they had to get up from their computer or something. So, after providing benefits, this script wraps up with one final call to action:

“So go ahead and click on this link right now and get registered for the on-demand class.”

And that’s the script! I recommend you go watch Frank’s own breakdown of this script for a deeper explanation in his terms. But, let’s recap the formula in my terms. It starts with the hook and Frank shared a great three-punch combo that used the “I’m Going to Show You” Hook, the Bold Statement Hook, and the Open Loop Hook. That’s followed up by the “Present the Offer” element and the “Call to Action” element. It then moves on to the “Teach Something” element and a majority of the ad will be this element. After that is another “Call to Action” followed by an “Overcome Objections” element. It finally finishes with a third “Call to Action.”

Do I think this ad script is perfect? Well, it’s not NOT perfect. I mean it was written on stone tablets by our Holy Father, Frank Kern, so yeah, we can say that it’s perfect. It’s definitely a script to add to your toolbox. It’s simple. You can spend a lot of time in this script just teaching something, which is probably something you love to do. Most importantly, this script works! Thank you, Frank Kern, for this valuable script!