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What Should I Do If People Are In Multiple Remarketing Audiences?

Today’s question comes from Gytys via email. She asks:

“I have an e-commerce website with two categories: clothes and electronics. 

So I made two audiences: 

People who visit the clothes page, and people who visit the electronics page. 

So as I understand I have two buckets of audiences. But if a person visits both pages, he is in both buckets. So if I’m making two remarketing campaigns (one for clothes, and one for electronics), it means that the ads are overlapping on those people and competing with each other. 

If I exclude one from each, I have a very limited audience. Is my theory right? And what should I do?” 

Yes, those are in some way going to compete with each other. Google’s going to have to decide which of those ads to show. If you’re bidding more aggressively for one of them, that’s probably going to be the one Google shows. 

But there’s NOT only one place to run your ad, there are thousands, millions of places to run your ad, even on the same web page. There are likely multiple places where your ad would potentially show. So your ads really aren’t going to compete with each other. That’s not a concern I would have. 

So the question then is, do we bother running ads to both these people?

What if someone is on both of these lists? Do I want to show both of those ads to that person? 

My answer would be YES. 

If you have a retargeting campaign that’s working for electronics, then I’d want to show those ads to anyone who has visited my electronics section, regardless of whether they’ve been to other sections of my site or not. 

And same with clothing. If your retargeting campaign is working for clothing, then yes, you’d want to show your ad to people who have visited your clothing pages. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been to other pages on your site.

I would argue it’s actually a bonus if someone’s been to different pages of your site. They’re interested in different types of products you have. This is only going to work to benefit you. They’re going to see the retargeting ads for clothes, which they were interested in. They’re going to see the retargeting ads for electronics, which they were also interested in. Both those ads are going to have your branding on them. 

They’re going to see you a lot, they’re going to see all of your retargeting ads. When they’re in the mood to buy some clothes from your site, they’ll click on the clothing ads. When they’re in the mood to buy some electronics and you give them a good reason to click on that ad, then they’re going to click on that ad. 

What’s the bottom line?

Nothing is lost.  The ads aren’t going to compete with each other, they’re not going to become more expensive just because you’re running both of them. There’s so much inventory available for remarketing ads that you just want to run them. Run what works. If people are on more than one list, great! Show them both of those ads. That’s my advice in that situation.