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Why Use YouTube Ads To Advertise Webinars

YouTube Ads work so extremely well for webinars (and no, that is not merely my very biased opinion). Why is that though? Let’s dive into why you should use YouTube Ads to advertise your webinars.

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1. People are on YouTube

I could Google some crazy statistic to demonstrate how many people are on YouTube, but I won’t because it’s obvious that a ton of people use YouTube every day. Yes, there are other sites that they spend a lot of time on and I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t advertise on those sites – you should be everywhere. But, if you want to get in front of your customers, you need to meet them where they are. YouTube is a huge place on the internet where customers hang out. Luckily for us, YouTube lets us show these people our ads!

When it comes to webinars specifically…YouTube is a video platform and webinars are videos, which is a match. We take people who are watching videos and we send them to another video. If you have a high-converting webinar and you’re targeting the right audience on YouTube and bringing them to the webinar, there is a high chance that they’ll watch your webinar and take action.

In fact, when comparing view rates from YouTube and Facebook Ad traffic, the YouTube Ads traffic always has a higher view rate. I’ve never seen it perform worse in terms of people who are actually staying on and watching the whole webinar. Of course, that makes sense because we are bringing people from a video to a video. (We’re not just bringing people over from a newsfeed where they’re reading and watching things with sound off.)

2. YouTube Removes Dependence on Facebook Ads

If you’re dependent on Facebook Ads, it is important to diversify. Yes, you should continue to use Facebook Ads. But if they were to get shut down tomorrow, you’ll be okay if you already have YouTube Ads up and running. You do not want to be reliant on only one traffic source. The same goes for YouTube Ads. You don’t want to be reliant on just YouTube, but you can use it as a way to diversify your traffic so you have more tools in your toolbox that will bring leads and customers into your webinar. 

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3. You Can Say Whatever You Want To

This is a huge advantage of YouTube Ads. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can lie and make things up, but if you’ve helped people – they’ve gone through your webinar, started working with you, and achieved some results – obviously that’s the type of thing that will help more people want to work with you so you can help others also achieve those results. Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk about these results and show testimonials from your customers? Well, with YouTube Ads, you can and should be doing this!

4. Relatively High Barrier to Entry

You can’t just whip up some text and find an image to throw an ad together. You actually have to record a video. For this reason, there are relatively few advertisers on the platform and even fewer advertisers that can get their ads to work. Sometimes it takes a lot of tries. Just recording one ad might not be enough – you may need to record 10 to find one that works. If you’re willing to actually put in the work, make several ads, and test things out, you have a good chance of success. And if you keep doing this over and over, that success can lead to longevity and campaigns that work to deliver customers to you for a long time.

5. Elevate Your Perceived Status As An Expert

If you’re running a webinar, obviously you need to be the expert on your subject. You’re giving advice and convincing people to book a phone call with your sales team or buy your product. It’s unlikely that people will watch your webinar and take the next steps if they don’t see you as an expert.

If you’re running good video ads on YouTube, before people even get to your webinar, they’ll perceive you as an expert. It has been ingrained in people for a very long time that if someone is on a screen, they are an expert. (The same thing happens with books – if you have a book, people see you as more of an expert.)

But being seen as an expert just by virtue of being on screen isn’t the only benefit. You can also demonstrate your expertise in your video through testimonials or through teaching something. By the time people get into your webinar, you’ve already set yourself up for success as they already see you as the expert. They will be more likely to watch the whole thing and take action at the end. 

Overall, if you have a product that is really helping people, and if you have a webinar that leads to the sale of that product, then YouTube Ads is likely to be a great source of customers for you.