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Will My Account Be Suspended For Repeated Policy Violations?

Today’s questions come from Fung, and he asks:

“I would like to ask to what extent a new Google Ads account will be suspended for repeated violations of ad policy. For example, accidentally including a trademark word in the ad, which leads them to repeated ads disapprovals. How many of these mistakes will cause the suspension, and is this type of suspension reinstatable?”

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Good question.

In my experience, this has not been a problem. 

I can’t tell you that you will not have your ad account suspended. And I can’t give you a number of repeated ad policy violations that would get an account suspended. I don’t think there is a number. In my experience, this hasn’t been an issue though.

I’ve run campaigns where ads are being disapproved left and right. This happens a lot with Youtube Ads campaigns, or with display ad campaigns (ex: If you’re submitting banners and you forgot to put the logo on the banner).

They might disapprove of a hundred ads at a time. So there’s a hundred policy violations. Does that actually lead to any problems with the account? NO, I’ve never seen that.

Actually, they’ll tell you why the ad violated a policy, and you can submit it again. You can fix what you need to, and hopefully, get it approved. 

If you’re having repeat problems and you think an ad is on the up and up, and you still can’t get it approved,  you can then reach out to Google support. You won’t get an answer right away, but they can do some digging for you, and actually get you in touch with a specialist who can tell you why your ads are getting disapproved and what you can do about it.

Again, I’ve never seen an account actually suspended for too many ad policy violations. Personally, I don’t worry about this. And I can’t answer the question about “reinstatement” because I’ve never seen an ad account that was suspended in Google Ads.

It’s definitely a lot different with Facebook. Your whole account might be suspended for one violation and you can’t even get an answer as to what you did wrong. That’s something people have to deal with if they’re advertising on Facebook. Luckily, that’s not the case on Google.  

There are plenty of things to worry about in Google Ads, but getting your account shut down is not one of them.