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How to Hide Products From Google Shopping Ads?

I’ll start by just reading a review that I found about this show on iTunes.

The review comes from Barry, and he says:

I’m learning so much about PPC. I found out about this podcast after getting Kyle’s Kindle book via Amazon. I’m fairly new to PPC and I wanted to gain knowledge so I can better manage our paid search agency. So many valuable lessons. Great podcast. 

Thank you very much, Barry.  I appreciate you taking the time to go ahead and leave that review. Of course, if anyone else has some nice words to say, I would appreciate a review from you as well.

Let’s now answer the question. 

So today’s question is about Google ads for e-commerce.

I’ve actually brought on a guest to answer the question: my friend, Nik Armenis (who I recently did an interview with, in my podcast). But since Nik is so knowledgeable about Google Ads for e-commerce, I thought it would be a good idea to invite him on to answer some of the questions that I get, specifically about e-commerce. 

I’m going to read today’s question, and then Nik will come on and answer it. 

So the question comes from Kate, and she says:

Google Shopping ads. How do I have only select products show and hide the rest? 

Here’s Nik’s answer:

Kate, thank you very much for your question. How do you exclude products? So you can do this in two ways. 

The first way is you can actually exclude it from being in your feeds.

The feed management tools always have a way to include and exclude products; a lot of them will actually give you that capability. So that’s one way. However you’re managing your feed, either don’t include it there, don’t include in the upload. Or if you’re using an app or feed management tool, just excluding that. It’ll be there in your settings. I’m sure the program or app that you’re using will have some material around how to do that. So it’s very hard to tell you without specifically knowing the program. 

The second way you can do it is: if you have already uploaded it and you don’t want to do it that way, you can exclude products at the product group level in your shopping campaign.

You can actually go in there, create a subdivision. So if you click into your campaign, go into product groups, you can create a subdivision by clicking the little pencil next to (I believe it’s called) All Products (or something like that), and it says Edit subdivision. Go in there, and you can create a subdivision at the item ID level, so at the product level. You can then go in there and exclude whatever products you don’t want to be included in there. 

So I hope that has answered your question.

Thank you, Nik, for that answer. And thank you, Kate, for the question. If anyone else has a question they would like to submit, there are multiple ways here on this website for you to submit your question