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After The Ad: Optimize Your Sales Calls & Applications with Mike Mark

We have a special guest joining us, Mike Mark from, to show you how to manage your high-ticket sales calendar so you can create more opportunities and maximize your revenue.

A common bottleneck for high-ticket coaches running high-ticket sales calls funnels is that their calendars get full. In fact, sometimes we actually have to scale back the ads until more salespeople can be brought on board.

Mike and his company specialize in solving this problem and breaking through the bottleneck by helping to build high-ticket sales teams. In fact, they don’t just help build the team, they’ll build it for you. Outside of building or growing a sales team, there is a lot you can do to manage your calendar differently and really optimize the time that you or your current sales team already has available.

Check out this video for some major takeaways relating to Mike’s strategies: