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AdWords Software: Ad Copy Generator

Can a computer write a better AdWords ad than you?

Some futurists think we’re entering an age where the best copywriters in the world will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

I’m highly skeptical of this claim. I think quality persuasive writing requires a depth of human experience and an understanding of the human psyche that robots just can’t grasp yet, yo. (Would a robot ever end a sentence with “yo”?)

The robot-makers are a lot smarter than me, and they’re making some crazy-smart robots that do crazy things, so I’m not saying we’ll never get there. But we’re not even close right now.

So why did I have the balls to create a piece of software and call it “Ad Copy Generator”?

Do I think this software is gonna replace the need for creativity?

Does it plug directly into your brain and annihilate your AdWords writer’s block?

Did a robot write this post?

Watch this video and find out.

This “Ad Copy Generator” software is only available in my AdWords For Local Businesses course, which is only available until tomorrow. Sign up now before the robots take over the world.