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How to Remarket on Facebook To My YouTube Video Watchers?

First and foremost, let me say: That is not possible. 

You can’t set up your Facebook Pixel on your YouTube videos. If someone watched a YouTube Ad, you can’t directly remarket to them on Facebook.

However, you can remarket to your YouTube watchers on Google.

You can create an audience of people who have:

  • Watched your YouTube videos 
  • Watched specific videos 
  • Seen your videos as ads
  • Subscribed to your channel 

There are lots of possibilities to remarket based on who watched your YouTube videos. But you can only remarket to those people within Google, because YouTube is owned by Google.

To remarket on Facebook, you need to get them off of your ad then onto your website.

Once they are on your website, now you can start to remarket to them. You have your Facebook Pixel on your website, making it possible for you to remarket on Facebook.

There are going to be different degrees of doing this depending on what you’re selling and what your funnel might look like. There are lots of possibilities for Google and Facebook. Once someone is on your website, you need to think about how valuable these people are, depending on what they are doing on your website.

Let’s say you have a YouTube Ad, and you are generating leads. Then eventually, you’re selling products to these people after they first opted-in as a lead. So if someone just visits your lead-generation page, but they did not become a lead, you can now remarket to that person.

But keep in mind that the chance of them being of much value is pretty low. You already gave them an opportunity to sign up (on the opt-in page) but they didn’t. If I’m remarketing to people like that, what I’m doing is that I’m just trying to make them come back and let them become a lead (by opting-in). I’m not trying to make them come back and buy something yet, because they haven’t even opted-in yet. 

Keep in mind that the very first page they land on is going to be a low-value page. And if you are remarketing to people who have only landed on that page, I wouldn’t try to get them to do much. I would just try to get them to come back to that page and opt-in for whatever you’re trying to generate leads for.

Further down the funnel (after they have opted in and hit the next page), now you can set up another remarketing audience for those people.

These are going to be better and hotter prospects. You now have their email at this point, so you send them emails. Now, if you’re remarketing to them on Facebook and Google, they are going to be seeing a lot from you. And they should be because they have already raised their hand, they’ve shown interest, now is the time to really hit them hard. Get them to buy whatever it is that you’re selling. Give them lots of different reasons to actually become a customer. Show them that you are worthy of their business. 

Maybe within your emails and your various remarketing ads, you’re showing them different features and benefits of actually becoming a customer. 

Then the next stage, they actually become a customer.

Now, we want to market them in a different way also. I would make sure that they are excluded from any ads that have to do with opting-in or buying the product that they just bought. 

There is something to be said on Facebook. If someone just bought your product, I’m fine with them continuing to see an ad for that product, because they might be engaging with that ad on Facebook. Especially if they just bought something, they’re happy with it, now they’re seeing an ad for that, they’re more likely to leave some comments and engage with that ad. They might talk about how good your product is. So, on Facebook, I would not be excluding buyers from seeing an ad for the product they just bought.

On Google and YouTube, there’s no benefit. There’s no social engagement like on Facebook. I would make sure that they are excluded from seeing ads of the products that they just bought.

Also, now you have a buyer list that you’re starting to build. So if you have other products, or new products in the future,  you can remarket to this buyer list. That’s going to be a very valuable list.

What’s the Bottom Line?

You can’t remarket to people on Facebook just because they watched your YouTube video. The same goes the other way. If someone watches your video on Facebook, you can’t remarket to them on Google or YouTube.

You can only start to cross platforms once someone hits your landing page.

Once someone is on your website, then it’s a fair game. You can now remarket to them wherever you can, wherever you set up your tracking codes.